Oman Newspapers, Magazines, and Online News Sites

List of Oman newspapers, magazines, and news sites covering sports, entertainments, music, jobs, politics, economics, culture, education, food, festivals, recipes, tourism, lifestyles, movies, travel, fashion, matrimonial, real estate, and business. Almost, there are all newspaper of Oman in the following newspapers list. On the other hand, we try to present Most of the Oman newspapers through this site. So, now you need not search for any newspaper. Therefore, you can read easily your favorite newspaper in Oman.

Oman newspapers, magazines and news sites

  • Alwatan

    Almost, Arabic-language newspaper published in Oman. Founded 1971 Alwatan is the oldest Omani newspaper. But The newspaper owned by several business groups.

  • Times of Oman

    After all Times of Oman is a Leading English-language newspaper in Oman. The newspaper was founded in 1975.

  • Oman Daily Observer

    Omani English-language newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 1981, owned by Oman Establishment for Press, News Publication and Advertising.

  • Watanserb

  • Muscat Daily

    Daily English-language newspaper published by Apex Press and Publishing.

  • TheWeek

  • Al Shabiba

    Al Shabiba features breaking news 24/7 and the latest on issues and current event. Therefore, this newspaper also highlights compelling commentaries on Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Business, and Technology, as well as stories around the world relevant to all Oman newspapers. It is also a most favorite newspaper than Oman newspapers.

  • Oman Daily

  • Oman Bulletin

  • Nizwa

  • Al-Roya

  • Majan TV

  • Hala FM

  • Al-Wisal

  • Hi FM

  • Oman Radio (in Arabic)

  • Ministry of Information, Sultanate of Oman

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