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We are trying to make a update and latest List of Kannada magazines and journals in this page by the popular newspaper listing site banglanews.news. Almost That magazines are published all news and information about entertainments, music, movies, travel, fashion, sports, politics, business, education, lifestyle and more.

Most Popular Kannada magazines | ಕನ್ನಡ ನಿಯತಕಾಲಿಕೆಗಳು ಪಟ್ಟಿ

  • Anupama magazine


    Overall, Anupama is a Most popular and informatics Monthly women’s magazine in Kannada, India.

  • Tattvavada

    After that, Tattvavada is also a favorite Monthly based magazine in Kannada, India.

  • Yakshagana

    Almost, Yakshagana is a Cultural magazine in Kannada, India.

  • Vishva Kannada magazine

  • Chitraloka

    Finallly, Chitraloka is a Kannada film news and information in India.

  • Karmaveera

  • Sudha

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