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We are trying to bring to the notice of the people all the newspapers, online news portals, magazines, all the facts in the world through banglanews portal. After all it is a newspaper listing website. There are all newspaper and magazines of the world in this page. We try to collect all information from reliable source. This is our small effort to make it readily available to readers. The reader can easily find the newspaper of his choice from here. Over all, tries to list all newspapers in here by continent, sub continent, country, state, language and regional. So it can be called one of the world’s newspaper listing sites.

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Bangla Newspapers Vision is a public service website. We have tried to provide all service in one page such as all newspapers of the world, All International Newspapers of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Caribbean, Medalist. All language newspaper are available here. Finally, through this website we want to reach all unknown information to every person in the world, which is constantly happening all over the world.

Bangla Newspapers are credible. is a reliable source of news and newspaper list of the world. Because of we try to collect every newspaper link as well as news from highly trusted and credible Database. so We have a worldwide reputation for this. We believe that the newspaper, news, news media, other news and information related item are the conscience of the nation. So Bangla News portal do not compromise on its universality.

All Bangla Newspapers are available.

We have created separate pages for each country’s newspaper with the names of their respective countries. There is also a page with the name of Bangladesh like On this page we have made a list of all the newspapers in Bangladesh. Such as Daily Newspaper, Weekly Newspaper, Online Newspaper and Regional newspaper which is called local newspaper etc.

All Probashi Newspapers in Bangla are available.

You may know that this huge group of people in Bangladesh is located outside the country. So, thinking about them, we have tried to present all probashi newspapers in Bangla in here. Expatriate brothers and sisters will be able to know all the news in Bengali from

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What we have done in public service will be successful if this small effort of ours reaches all the people of the world and if the people benefit from it. If you encourage newspaper listing site, we can take this great work much further. We want everyone to benefit from this site. Using this site everyone finds the information they need.

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